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Technical Specification & Space Planning

The design services that Grassroots is pleased to provide for all our clients include product specification, 3-D drawings, installation drawings and developing standards programs.  Our design service allows us the capability to provide our clients creative space planning by understanding the way they need to use their space. We coordinate with architecture and design firms as well as  work in partnership with an in-house facilities management team.


Project Management

We provide our clients with a refined project management process and the best possible installation. Careful review of your plans & specifications with your designers ensures a clear understanding of your needs. The use of the best available technology allows everyone on the team to easily monitor progress and provide feedback. By tracking the delivery process and coordinating with contractors, architects and customer contacts, we ensure you the best possible installation in the least amount of time.



Whether it’s a couple stations or a 1000-station job, the skills required to successfully install are the same: experience, knowledge and attention to detail. Whether it’s a small or large project, our experienced installation group will complete the job with skill and efficiency.



Our in-house installation team is trained by Knoll to perform new product installations, reconfigurations and should the need arise, field service repairs. We’re certified by Knoll to respond to your on-site product needs.

Other Services Offered:


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